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The physical spaces where we spend our time have a great role to play in our wellbeing and performance.


With the post-Corona 'New Normal' we have the opportunity to do things better than before. Spaces and habits need to be nimble enough to handle both business as usual, as well as future pandemics and the like. Active Spaces is in the business of creating great spaces that support our health and performance.  We take a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach so your organisation can transition to future-proof and really great spaces. 

ADVICE - Conceptual and practical solutions

We provide evidence-based, creative and practical advice around spaces to work and play that suit your organisation



Image by KOBU Agency


We have helped a range of organisations to create great spaces that support health and performance. We have experience in spaces ranging from office spaces to learning and play spaces

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We are world-renowned experts in the interaction between health, wellbeing and the built environment.

We have done research in academia, research institutes and industry over the last two decades using a large range of methods

Dr Lina Engelen has published and presented extensively on the subject

Elbow Greetings


Being a boutique agency, every client is equally important.

We take  professionalism seriously.

Using evidence-based and human-centred strategies we deliver high-quality and client focused outcomes, taking an innovative approach to problem-solving to creating great spaces. 

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