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The Active Spaces Network


Welcome to the Active Spaces Network page!

I hope you are all coping during these crazy times adapting to the New Normal.

I am looking forward to seeing you at an Active Spaces network event post-COVID-19.


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the Active Spaces Network  - improving health and wellbeing through supportive physical spaces;

a multi-disciplinary innovation and research collaboration


We are researchers, practitioners and policy makers

Although we spend around 90% of our time inside buildings, surprisingly, the vast majority of research on health effects of the built environment has focused on the outdoor, rather than the indoor built environment. In recent years new design concepts and occupational environments, such as active design (a concept relating to manipulation of the built environment to encourage activity), have emerged, but there is no substantial evidence base on their effect on occupants’ physical and mental wellbeing, collaboration and performance and how these potential impacts may be leveraged.


The Active Spaces network aims to:

  • Provide an evidence base on how designed space can support and encourage different health promoting behaviours [interventions]

  • Innovate new methods to capture physical movement patterns and interactions using big data and human centred technology [improve measurement methods]

  • test new design concepts combining architecture, technology and health, that can inform design ideas and be translated into design guidelines with health promoting outcomes

The network organises event 3 times per year. You are very welcome to join!

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