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4.7 million

With close to 5 million people in Australia attending school or university and their good education being the key to a prosperous future, it makes sense to offer them an environment that supports their health and learning to the fullest. 

School and university students in Australia

In preparing the learning environments for the New Normal a number of things need to be considered.

For example, the student density in the classrooms would need to be lower. In many countries it is difficult to expand the number of classrooms, due to financial constraints, or lack of free land. It is particularly important to retain outdoor space for breaks and possibly classes. An option could be to stagger class and break times to free up learning space. Tertiary education could be rethought, where large lectures would be online only, while more focus was put on smaller face-to-face groups. The large lecture halls could then be re-fitted to house several tutorial spaces with enough space for social distancing.

Current projects

Studio L , for Learning

In this project we are investigating the large range of current teaching and learning spaces at the University of Wollongong. We are looking at how users perceive the spaces in terms of learning, creativity, collaboration, and health. We also use observational tools to investigate interactions and engagement during class.

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