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Duncan Young of LendLease and Brett Pollard, the University of Sydney presented at the Active Spaces to Work event on 17th September, 2019. Click on images to the left to see the presentations

Katharina Kariippanon's presentation at the Active Spaces to Learn meeting 9th May 2019. 


The new building certification tool Fitwel was launched in 2017 by the Center for Active Design in the US. Earlier this year, Australia got its two first Fitwel certified buildings. In the 20th of September Active Spaces meeting, we discussed the pros and cons of Fitwel in comparison to the more established certification tools.

A new study looking at girls' ideal school playground finds that primary school girls want big school playgrounds on which they can run around. The girls made drawings and participated in focus groups to describe their ideal school playground. They also want playgrounds that support social interaction, physical activity, sensory experiences, freedom and mastery. These experiences would be made possible by having a variety of features on the playground, softer surfaces, longer play time in bigger areas and playmates with similar interests.

Heart Foundation has just launched the new Healthy Active by Design website. Have a look! 
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