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Rethinking the shape of the workspace

Innovation for safe and healthy spaces?

We have to make sure our spaces are safe and healthy. This has become particularly clear as a response to the COVID-19 and future proofing for future pandemics.

Amidst all its terribleness, it is exciting to witness how a global crisis like this ignites collaboration and speeds up innovation and rethinking of how we do things. It is a good time to challenge what we consider ’normal’. For example, there has been a lot of discussion around how we can create safe and healthy workplaces and workstations, where the desk is a central part of the ’workstation’.

As a thought experiment I wanted to challenge that; what if we make the chair central – what could that look like (see my amateurish sketch of the Personal Pod)?

The chairs could be personal (hence not shared) and rolled to wherever needed. The shape of the chair would ensure sufficient distancing, but still create a sense of belonging and intimacy in a group or meeting. Ergonomically it could be good, with adjustable height, lumbar support, foot rest and a standing desk at the back of the chair and a screen on a swivel arm to support changes in posture.

What are the most interesting innovations or changes in how we do things/use things that you have seen lately?

Always keep asking yourself, is there a better way to do that?


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