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Active Spaces to work - for health

What if we could spend our time in spaces that promoted our health and well-being?

When I think of my work environment, I am not completely convinced that I am feeling better when I leave than when I arrive in the morning, on the contrary actually. Many then tell me that nothing else is expected. Why have we got these low expectations of our work place? Access to daylight, ergonomic and comfortable furniture and drinking water seems like the very basics, but many say that is not available to them at work. Not to mention the absence of accessible stairs, end of trip facilities, healthy food options and flexible work settings that are suited to our different types of tasks. Considering the time we spend at work, this is not acceptable, if you think about it. I dream about working in a location where I can feel energised, close to greenery, and where it is easy to concentrate, but also collaborate with my colleagues and get some movement happening. A physical space that is supportive of my health and well-being.

This is what the innovation and collaboration network Active Spaces ( are working towards.

photo credit: the Heart Foundation Australia

photo credit: the Heart Foundation, Australia

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